JUST IN: Newly-Surfaced PROVES Obama Was A Drug-Using Homosexual

Barack Obama has been taking it relatively easy ever since he left the White House. And that is fine with us, as we do not want to see him in the news anymore. He took a month long vacation in faraway islands with his wife Michelle. They were reportedly working on their new memoir, in which they will be paid a whopping $60 million. Obama has been in the news as of late, however. The reason might surprise you.

Mia Marie Pope was a high school friend of Barack Obama. She went into details about how the former president used to act in and around his high school years. Some of what she said is shocking. It is obvious that if this stuff broke before he became president, he never would have stepped foot in the White House.

She goes onto admit that Barack was well-known for smoking crack in and around the school. He was also a homosexual. If this information shocks you, it should. She goes on to explain how Barack used to trade sex for drugs with a gay drug dealer named “gay-Ray.” Does this sound like the Obama we know?

She goes on to detail how Barack Obama was a pathological liar and would do anything in order to get attention from his peers. Does this sound familiar? Well, it sounds a lot like what he did while he was in the White House for 8 years. Obama would do anything to help his legacy and make sure that he looked as good as he could.

He is still a liar. He has been lying to the American people ever since 2008. Thankfully it is much harder for him to do his damage now as we have President Donald Trump to protect us.

What do you think about this new information?



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