Bill O’Reilly Just Seen Doing Something AMAZING With His Supporters – Fans CHEERING!

Bill O’Reilly was let go from Fox News about 3 weeks ago. He was fired over sexual harassment allegations from former Fox employees. Since then he has tried to keep a low profile. He is going to receive a large payout from the network and has even started his own podcast on his website. So far, he is doing just fine without his former employer. There have even been talks of a new conservative network in the works. This excited many people, but the official announcement has yet to come.

Now, after the three weeks, he was seen going to a baseball game with his former colleague Geraldo. He ex-Fox host has been largely silent on the things that have happened recently. O’Reilly has not talked in depth about the allegations. Bill O’Reilly was adored by his millions of fans around the country. Many people have stopped watching the network completely.

Bill O’Reilly was a good man that was caught in bad circumstances. People need to understand that they cannot believe everything they see on the news. O’Reilly was famous for giving us the No Spin News and that is what we have come to expect from him.

Liberals have given him a bad name. He will now have to try to gain back his reputation since it was destroyed by the jealous left.

At least we are seeing him able to have some fun with friends and fans at the Mets game. It looks like this might be the first time he has gone out like this in a while. Hopefully we are able to see him do this kind of stuff more often. His fans would no doubt love to interact with him more often.

Do you love seeing Bill O’Reilly finally start to go out and enjoy himself?



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