BREAKING: Actor And Long Time Trump Supporter To Run For Congress! Look Who It is!

Our political scene is amazing, and we always see someone unexpected running for a top position. We’ve witnessed so many changes in our system, and now it’s time for new changes in the Congress. Who thought that the Congress runs would be this exciting?

Now it seems like Antonio Sabato Jr. is ready to challenge Rep Julia Brownley (D-Ca) for her position. Brownley represents the southern central coast and most of Ventura County. The information was confirmed by the documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Charles Moran will be Sabato’s fundraiser, and he confirmed his run for Congress. Strategist Jeff Corless will be carrying the position of top adviser.

We’ve seen Sabato in “General Hospital” and “Melrose Place.” He was also a model for Calvin Klein underwear line. Sabato was the star of several TV shows, including “My Antonio,” VH1 contest in which women actually competed for his affection. The actor was also part of “Dancing With The Stars.”

President Donald Trump enjoyed full support from the 45-year-old actor during his presidential campaign. Sabato also supported the President at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Sabato has a lot of trouble due to his support for President Trump, and he revealed that he’s been a target of Hollywood producers ever since the moment he expressed his political opinion. Well, we’ve already heard stories like this. Hollywood producers don’t like stars who are supporting the President and his administration. Hollywood is liberal, remember?

Sabato isn’t the only actor who is being blacklisted for being a Republican, but he will sure do well in his new position.

This was a rather surprising information, because not many of us thought that the actor could run for a seat in the Congress.

What do you think about Sabato’s run for the Congress seat? Do you support the actor?



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