When Donald & Melania Met With Harvey Survivors Something MAGNIFICENT Happened

This Saturday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania went on boarded Air Force One for their second visit to Texas, following the devastating Hurricane Harvey which left the nation in shock and Texas flooded.

Despite traveling to Texas this Tuesday, the First Family didn’t have a chance to meet and greet the victims of the floods, but only attended few short briefings and held speeches in Corpus Christi and Austin, with the goal of lifting the spirits of all the people affected and left stranded by the hurricane.

The visit this Saturday however, seemed far better than the last one, with President Trump even saying that the families he had spoken with at the stadium-turned-shelter seem happy, saying that the victims are pleased with the efficiency of the response.

“As tough as this was,” said Trump in response to Harvey, “it’s been a wonderful thing, I think, even for the country to watch, for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful.” He of course referred to the fact that critical times such as these have brought out the best in American patriots, who immediately stepped in on the action bringing boats and whatever supplies they can find, to lend a helping hand to the victims.

He added “We’re signing a lot of documents now to get money into Houston,”referencing the aid request of $7.9 billion the White House made to Congress.

The POTUS’ next stop was Houston’s NRG stadium, where families and children could be seen resting and playing, surrounded by supplies. The First Family was greeted by a crowd of people who came to shake hands and snap a few pictures.




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